Anecdotes of Relief: Jessica L

For Jessica, migraine is hereditary. She was diagnosed 25 years ago, having suffered from migraines since she was a young child. Jessica typically gets them “a few times a month” and always during her menstrual period. Having tried prescriptions, over the counter medications, cold washcloths, and other remedies, Jessica still found no guarantee that the pain would go away. She decided to try Axon CBD Oil, but having tried so many other things, she, “didn’t have much faith in it.”

After using Axon CBD for about 90 days, Jessica reports:

“It does seem to help, and I feel like I have had fewer headaches / migraines…I have not been taking it every day, and maybe I should. But usually when I start to feel a headache it feels like it helps.”

Axon CBD Oil may be helpful for migraines

Unlike other migraine remedies she has tried, Jessica also says that Axon CBD Oil:

“calms my nerves. I get so stressed out and am highly sensitive, so I pick up on others’ stress, too. I think it helps calm me.”

When asked what advice she would give others who might be considering CBD Oil for migraine, Jessica recommends:

“at least try it. It’s not going to hurt you to try it…you won’t know until you try.”

Thanks, Jessica, for trying Axon CBD Oil and sharing your story with us. If you have a story to tell, please email us at [email protected].

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