Anecdotes of Relief: Julie

Julie smiling for review of Axon CBD Oil

Julie’s headaches have often put her in severe pain. Even though wearing Axon Migraine Glasses reduced her migraine by more than half, she still struggled with them. But after adding Axon CBD Oil to her migraine tool kit, she calls it, “a game changer.” In fact, Julie reports that since taking the oil, she hasn’t had any headaches at all. According to her survey, she went from 6 headache days to 0 in the 30 days since she started taking Axon CBD Oil, and her HIT6 score went from 58 to 44. Julie writes:

“Since I started using the CBD oil supplement I have not had a migraine. Using the glasses had reduced my symptoms, but the CBD has taken the headaches away. I went from multiple headaches a month to none. Also, I am less anxious.”

Julie was so impressed that she submitted a video review of our CBD Oil. Watch what she has to say about it below.

Adding Axon CBD Oil to your migraine arsenal could be a game changer for you, too. It’s safe and all-natural, free of THC or any drug-like effects, and has zero additives. Although everyone’s results will vary, the results we are seeing from submitted 30-day surveys reflect an overall decrease in migraine of 26%!

Thank you, Julie, for sharing your experience with us! Do you have a story to tell? Please tell us about it at [email protected].

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