Turn to Trodiax: Supplement for Migraine

3 Recommended Ingredients + Axon CBD for Proactive Migraine Support. Trodiax is the daily supplement you should be taking for migraine.

No Drugs

Trodiax is pharmaceutical grade without the pharmaceutical synthetics. Taking it daily could help you experience fewer migraines.

Expert-Recommended Ingredients

Trodiax contains CoQ10, Magnesium and Riboflavin. These three ingredients are recommended by the American Headache Association. But we’ve taken it a step further by including Axon CBD isolate, which is pure, laboratory verified, and much stronger than your average dose of CBD — but contains no THC (that’s the psychedelic stuff).

Patent-Pending Formula

With nutraceuticals and cannabinoids, Trodiax supports your need for proactive, daily migraine prevention. Backed by data and free of drugs or chemicals, you can trust Trodiax as part of your holistic approach to managing your migraines.

How to Use Trodiax

Take Two Daily

Trodiax comes in easy-to-swallow capsules. Simply take two capsules every day.

Take Care of Yourself

As with any tool in your migraine toolbox, Trodiax will be most effective when supported by a lifestyle which includes adequate hydration, healthy sleep habits, and limiting exposure to your migraine triggers. 

Feel the Difference

Axon developed Trodiax specifically for migraine sufferers like you who want to experience fewer migraine attacks, but would rather do so as naturally as possible.

Why Trust Axon?

Because We Are About Reducing Your Migraine Pain

Axon was developed by a leading neuro-ophthalmologist and migraine researcher, Dr. Bradley J. Katz.  He regularly publishes his research in top headache journals and presents his findings to national headache societies. We are the same team behind Axon Optics, maker of specially-tinted eyeglasses that reduce migraines caused by light sensitivity.

We’ve been at it since 2011, so we’re no stranger to alternative, non-invasive products for migraine relief. The demand for safe and effective treatment is expanding, and thankfully, so are the evidence-based recommendations for nutraceuticals like Trodiax.

The CoQ10, riboflavin and magnesium in Trodiax are strategically formulated in a targeted combination shown to be beneficial in your fight against migraine. We’ve added Axon CBD for its promise in helping you experience less pain and fewer migraine attacks.

For Fewer Migraines, Turn to Trodiax 

About Axon

We’re no stranger to natural migraine relief. 

For decades, we’ve been producing Axon Optics Therapeutic Migraine Lenses, which are clinically shown to reduce migraine symptoms and light sensitivity. As the demand for safe and effective treatment of migraine expands, Axon is responding with evidence-based recommendations for nutraceuticals that bring relief. Our CBD Oil is another tool by Axon in the fight against migraine. 

Fight Back With Axon Supplements for Migraine

Trodiax Migraine Supplement Capsule

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